Why work for us?

There isn’t just one good reason why you should join Iona College – there are many. In addition to our great benefits, we are able to offer you:

Job satisfaction - Everything we do is student-focused and mission-centric. We work to develop the whole person, facilitate leadership and promote engagement and a culture of service. By providing a variety of fulfilling careers in an atmosphere that is friendly, open and co-operative, our faculty and staff are able and capable of providing the best service to our students and College community.

Career development - Our employees have many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. With a variety training programs and outlets for development and participation in our shared governance structure, we ensure that our faculty and staff are continually strengthening their skills and developing as individuals.

Worthwhile work - By joining Iona College, you’ll be part of the solution. We are dedicated to academic excellence in the tradition of the Christian Brothers and American Catholic higher education, and we share a mission to make a positive impact on the lives of others––to move the world. Learn more about what makes us unique: our Mission, Vision and Values.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion - At Iona College, we have a strong appreciation for the variety of backgrounds and characteristics that make individuals unique. As advocates for diversity and inclusion, ours is an institution based on trust, openness, respect, commitment and honesty, a College that our employees are proud to work for.

Our continued success depends on the high-quality faculty, staff and administrators we hire and retain. We invite you to build and advance your career with Iona College and help contribute to the future success of our institution.