Hiring Process

Iona College - Hiring Process
Iona College seeks highly qualified candidates who can both fulfill the needs of the role and live the mission
within our diverse and welcoming learning community. As an equal opportunity employer, Iona strives to
provide a positive applicant experience that is thorough, consistent and transparent.
Please review the selection process below before applying. We welcome the opportunity to review your
credentials in consideration for the wide range of openings at the College.

Search Job Openings
We encourage you to regularly check our open positions for career opportunities that suit your skills, experience
and interest at www.Iona.edu/Careers. Positions are posted for a minimum of five business days upon final
approval of a new or replacement requisitions and will remain posted until the position is filled. Please note
that all applications must reference, or be in response to, an actively-posted position.

Submit an Application for Each Career Opportunity of Interest
To be considered an applicant, you must apply per instructions set forth for each position for which you want
to be considered. All applicants should follow application instructions provided in each job posting. Some roles
may require a transcript or writing sample so be sure to read the job posting carefully for these details. For
faster processing, we recommend that you reference the title of position for which you are applying in the
subject line of your email and save your documents in the following format: Last Name, First Name – type of
document. For example: Doe, Jane – Resume; or Doe, Jane – Cover Letter. Due to the large volume of applicants
we receive for our positions, candidates may or may not receive a personalized message regarding their status.

Resume Review & Selection Process
Respective search committee, hiring manager or Human Resources Representative receives and reviews
resumes submitted for each job then invites applicants to participate in our screening process which may include
phone interviews, assessments and/or face-to-face interviews. Once a candidate is invited for an interview,
he/she will receive the Iona College Employment Application form that is required for non-faculty roles. This
form must be completed prior to the onsite interview and must be submitted directly to the Office of Human
Resources, by the applicant. The Voluntary Self-Identification EEO Candidate form may be completed and
submitted by the candidate at the time of the interview as well.
Depending on the role, there may be multiple rounds of interviews. We suggest you to take the time to research
Iona College, as well as the departmental role for which you are applying. Review our website
for more information prior to your interview and bring extra copies of your resume and application materials
to every interview.

Background Check and References
Our final step in the evaluation process involves reference and background checks. We ask that all finalists
provide three professional references including at least two direct supervisors (current or past). We may accept
written references, but at least two references will be called in advance of any formal offer. Additionally, we
will conduct a background check through a third party vendor.

Job Offer
Congratulations! Following successful completion of your references, background check and passing final
candidate selection, you will receive a verbal offer from the Chair of the Search Committee, Human Resources
Representative or the Hiring Manager. The Office of Human Resources sends an official offer or appointment
letter/contract as well as a link to our new hire site for review and completion of paperwork, pre-employment
training and links to key policies and procedures.

All the best with your search and we look forward to hearing from you!